The Vampire Hair Restoration technique involves platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. When transferring your own platelet rich plasma into balding areas of the scalp, a regenerative process occurs within the hair follicles.


The procedure begins by drawing your blood, just like you would for a standard blood test. Your blood is then prepared with a centrifuge. The PRP that results is enriched with growth factors and bioactive proteins that are known for promoting wound healing, tissue repair, and hair growth. In the medical treatment of male and female hair loss, PRP can awaken dormant hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth.


Essentially, PRP can reverse the hair miniaturization (thinning) process that occurs in common baldness. PRP hair loss treatments can also be used to enhance a previous hair transplant surgery, as it promotes better healing and enhances the hair growth results.

What Can You Expect After Getting Vampire Hair Restoration?

  • Strengthen existing hair

  • Stimulate new growth

  • Slow or stop shedding

  • Reverse miniaturization

  • Shrink hair follicles 

  • Fill in Receding Hairlines

  • Enjoy healthier, fuller hair


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